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What you need to know when purchasing an LED sign?


What is your desired goal? Is it wayfinding, advertising products, or a message board? Some signs can be all three. There are different types of signs designed for different purposes. Is it going to be installed indoors or outdoors? How large should it be, and what content will it show? The size of the sign, your target audience, and the purpose decide the pixel matrix, pixel pitch, resolution, viewing angle, and viewing distance of the sign. Whichever sign you use, it should be high-quality to be optimally effective. Readability, visibility, and functionality are crucial. 

You can achieve multiple goals with an LED sign. A digital display can disseminate multiple contents like images, videos, and text. These may be advertising screens, PSA announcements, employee announcements, and interactive screens. Getting a clear idea about their purpose, placement, and target audience will help you decide the best LED sign. 


Your marketing budget should have a prominent place for LED signs. It is a proven fact that they increase sales. However, we understand every budget is limited, especially for small businesses, organizations, or communities. There are several ways to trim the cost. 

One of the most cost-effective strategies is to buy your sign from a full-service sign company. It means they provide end-to-end services without the need for outsourcing or third-party costs. Choose a company that designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains their products. An established sign company can offer flexible financing options to buy your sign. It helps you to choose high-quality signs without compromising your finances.


LED signs can display multiple contents. Some are Channel Letters or Push-Thru letter storefront signs, while others are video walls for playing short videos and slides. On-premise signs like Channel Letters or Light Boxes are essential to branding and wayfinding. 


Digital signs on the other hand, offer versatility to display images, changing text, and videos. These messages are customizable, and you can choose which messages appear when. You can keep your branding and advertising updated and relevant without replacements with digital signage. Sometimes, you can combine static signage and digital display on a monument sign.


Is your LED sign going to be an outdoor or indoor sign? If it is an outdoor sign, consider the environmental conditions you anticipate. The enclosure design must resist water, dust, humidity, rain, and snow. Ask your vendor about thermal management solutions and your sign’s ability to maintain LED temperatures within a narrow range it will operate in. Washed-out colors and poor image quality in outdoor signs will attract negative attention. Make sure you have the right pixel pitch and controlled brightness for the viewing distance.

Signs made for close-up viewing should have a smaller pixel pitch, sharp images, and brightness compatible with ambient lighting. Both indoor and outdoor signs should have deep contrast for easier text reading.

Inquire about permission. Some localities may not allow digital signage. Different towns have specific regulations about the type or size of outdoor signs you can put up. The location you choose, such as rooftops, roadside, or intersections, may also be subject to zoning laws. 

You can also apply for a variance to the existing code if the law prevents you from installing a sign. A good sign company will know the local regulations, where the restrictions exist, and in what form. They will assist you in applying for a permit if required.

Today’s LED signs are more versatile than ever. Digital signage offers a dynamic mix of on-premise signs, billboards, and digital displays. These considerations will help you decide the best LED sign for your business or organization to hyper-target and tailor to specific locations. Aztech offers solutions every step of the way. Call us today, and we can help you make smart purchasing decisions that achieve desired goals.