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What are the advantages of LED screens?

More cost savings

LED display screens are advertising display equipment with audio and video functions, especially outdoor LED display screens are gradually replacing canvas ads and lightbox ads with good advertising effects. Outdoor LED display is very popular, the main reason is not only the vivid picture, but it also has many hidden advantages that are not understood by the public. Now we briefly introduce the advantages of the LED display.

The LED advertising screen not only has the advantages of traditional TV media, but also has the advantage of network promotion, and it is more affordable than the introduction of electronic media or network push and newspapers and magazines. Moreover, LED advertising screens only need to be invested once, and in the later stage, they are advertising services for enterprises. The advertising time is long and it is spread all the time, so it is better in terms of a time period or various promotion costs. Save on capital costs.

Bring more customers

LED advertising screens are generally placed in areas with immense and dense traffic, and all advertisements are also able to capture the eyes of customers. Not only is the amount of advertising information large, but it can be matched in many different programs to make the audience easier. Acceptance is not simply treated as an advertisement. Therefore, it is easier to impress consumers to obtain more interested customers when advertising information is transmitted.

Improve the reputation of the enterprise market

The role of advertising is to repeat the visual influence to the public every day. LED advertising screen is to let users remember the products promoted by enterprises in the subconscious. Every day, the company vigorously promotes the attention of attracting interested customers and enhances the market reputation of the company. When the popularity is higher and higher and everyone knows, the advertising effect will be successful.

High Longevity but Low Maintenance

Digital LED screens are highly resistant to any damage and hence require very low maintenance. If you go for the traditional billboards, then they are prone to damage and the light fixtures will need constant checking. Every advertiser prefers to use LED screens. The screens can withstand wind and rain so they will last for several years without any repair. They are not only considered to be durable, but they are ecofriendly as well.

Message Controlling

Advertising includes targeting people of specific demographics. LED screens offer functional and marketing potential. To simplify the statement, one can say that they have the freedom to display any message anywhere and at any time according to their convenience. If your business is related to children's products and you want to display the ad at the school leaving time of the children, then you can do it with the screen. One can also switch the message anytime to target specific demographics.


Everyone will be able to do the initial setup to run the LED screen. Within a few seconds, the screen will be ready, and you can move the screens to any place without any hassle. In the worst-case scenario if the screen breaks down, then you will be able to replace and install it without any delay.

How much power does an LED display use?

LED is a highly energy-efficient technology, hence the widespread use of energy-saving LED bulbs today. The amount of power the diodes in an LED display use depends on the type of display, brightness and usage.

There are many different types of LEDs and displays. The power consumption of an indoor display, for example, will be different from an outdoor digital sign, which has to be seen in direct sunlight. The brightness of the display is also a major factor. The images must be clear, but the light from the display must not dazzle. An outdoor LED display needs to be far brighter in daylight than when darkness falls.

How long does an LED display last?

It is difficult to say anything specific about the life of an LED display as many factors come into play. However, with proper maintenance, a display can certainly last for more than ten years. As with all types of electronics, life expectancy is also affected by the daily use and the environment around the display. Light images and a high level of brightness are more wearing on the display than darker images and a low level of brightness. Factors such as humidity and salt content in the air can also come into play.

What is pixel pitch and display resolution?

The distance between an LED display’s diodes determines the resolution of the display. The distance to the center of the neighboring group is measured from the center of each group of red, green and blue diodes. This distance is known as pixel pitch. Each group of diodes forms a pixel.

If an LED display has a pixel pitch of 1 cm, there may be 100 x 100 pixels per square metre of display. The resolution of a display is given as a pair of numbers that indicate the width and height in pixels. If you have a 6 x 8-metre screen with 1 cm in pixel pitch, it has a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels.