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600×337.5mm 16:9 Front Service P1.25 LED Display

P1.56 LED Display

P1.875 HD LED Display

640x480mm Front Service A

P1.25 Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

P1.48 Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

P1.667 Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

P1.904 Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display

P1.579 HD LED Display 

P2 Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display 

P2.5 LED Display 640x480mm-B

P2 HD LED Display 640x480mm-B

P1.86 HD LED Display 640x480mm-B

P1.667 HD LED Display 640x480mm-B

P1.536 HD LED Display 640x480mm-B

P1.48 HD LED Display 640x480mm-B

P1.25 HD LED Display 640x480mm-B

P1.875 HD LED Display

P1.579 HD LED Display

600×337.5mm 16:9 Front Service

640x480mm Front Service A

640x480mm Front Service B

0.48x0.48mm Front Service

P1.875 HD LED Display

HD LED Display


Nowadays high resolution LED displays are becoming increasingly popular. In order to meet the higher and higher requirements on the display resolution, LED SOLUTION developed our HD LED displays series. These LED displays are the smallest pitches in the industry. 


* Extremely high resolution;

* Excellent image & video quality;

* Flat & seamless surface;

* Thin & light LED panel design;

* Low power consumption, environmentally friendly;

* Wide viewing angle, 140 degree both horizontal and vertical;

* Module option:SMD and GOB;

* Both back service & font service solutions available to fit different installation sites.

-Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays