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  • Excellent in precision, heat dissipation, toughness, and solidity with the die-casting aluminum cabinet design.

  • 500 mm × 500 mm cabinet with multiple dot pitches available and both indoor and outdoor scenarios applicable.

  • Front maintenance available with the magnetic suction design, and quick front maintenance and installation achievable with the fixed installation of modules at any position.

  • 10-seconds replacement achievable with power supply, display controller, and adapter board integrated.

  • Fast locking from the top, bottom, left, and right; 2-seconds locking for adjacent cabinets; convenient wiring with aviation plugs.

  • Pendant mounting and standing available for installation.

  • Free of fans and noise with excellent heat dissipation.

  • High refresh rate (up to 3840 Hz) and high greyscale.

P2.6 indoor rental LED display